EAS Inspector for Fiddler

This application decodes Exchange Server ActiveSync (EAS) WBXML requests and responses into XML in a Fiddler Inspector. It will can provide a more complete rendering of EAS traffic in XML format than what Exchange provides with its own tracing.

Its been tried with the more current versions of Exchange, but not older versions. However, it should work with 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. You can use this to troubleshoot EAS issues off of a saved Fiddler log or in real-time.

You should be able to take a trace of any device (Surface, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Nokia phones, Samsung phones, etc.) with Fiddler running on a PC with a wireless router attached and the device syncing through that router.

Device -> Wireless Router -> (PC running Fiddler) -> Exchange

You will need to be sure that SSL decoding is enabled in Fiddler to make this work since EAS traffic is almost always encrypted. Since Fiddler acts as a type of proxy it is very helpful gathering EAS traffic from Exchange cloud based servers since you cannot get the traffic decoded otherwise.

This tool is very helpful for troubleshooting and debugging ActiveSync traffic for device such as iPhone/iPad (iOS), Windows Phone, Windows mobile and Android phones.

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